3 Techniques that Offer Effective Types of Classroom Management

In preparation of an exciting new school year, school administrators across the nation recognize both the opportunities and challenges their staff face in staging an improved classroom management approach.

Each school year, school districts learn and grow by analyzing student safety and attendance data reports while lacking the ability to properly measure student engagement, organization management, and effective ways to prevent disruptive behaviors.

Superintendents are learning how valuable and tangible it can be to actualize an all-in-one solution that simultaneously:

  • Equips your staff with quick decision-making tools for classroom management;
  • Promotes student accountability and raises the bar on positive attendance results.

As an added advantage, school administrators are now in the best position to leverage a more holistic approach that can optimize each student’s learning experience while meeting school safety initiatives in their district.

The Importance of Smart Technology in Your Student’s School Climate

A recent study conducted by The National School Climate Center (NSCC) and Comprehensive School Climate Inventory captured data that reports an increased advantage stemming from the use of innovative technology that provides:

  • Accuracy in student behavior reports.
  • Staff communication continuity.
  • Real-time data for better classroom decision-making techniques.

Through smart technology, teaching staff and school administrators can implement the various types of classroom management strategies that easily involve parents and learners for student accountability and reward systems.

Notably, studies further illustrate how school districts that embrace the positive flow of job tasks assigned and productiveness will ensure a district-wide success rate in staff retention and maximize the ease of new safety measure training.

In order to capitalize on these types of classroom management successes, it’s critical to first understand the three main techniques using smart card technology advancements that are sure to upgrade a Superintendent’s district-wide performance.

Three Techniques to Optimize Your Classroom Management

#1 Centralized Behavior Management Systems that Educate and Protect

With an increase in requirements from local and state laws regarding record policies and data security challenges, paper records of a student’s academic and behavior management history are obsolete­ and wasteful.

Relevant staff members, such as counselors, teaching staff, and other officials require a simplified way of accessing student records, a method that involves ease of access for parents as well.

According to recent studies, schools with the most successful types of classroom management system have incorporated comprehensive technology systems by which all staff can record notes and feedback about student behavior, in one central location.

Educate and Protect.

In essence, Superintendents should seek a Behavior Management System that:

  • Reduces school bullying.
  • Provides powerful data-driven reports to flag at-risk students.
  • Chronicles progress and assists in the monitoring process.
  • Implements a reward system.

Teachers, counselors, and administrators will be most effective when they can share their feedback and activate behavior interventions, right away.

The ABE System (Alternative Behavior Educator) is designed to streamline a Superintendent’s entire school district’s reporting process, making it easier for staff to compare data, and suggest a behavior improvement plan for students who need the attention.

Paperless referrals gainfully build the continuity of the students’ education team for the lifetime of their education process within your school district.

An integrated tracking and reporting program results in immediate interventions, allowing staff to respond more swiftly than having to wait to first schedule a meeting.

#2 School Attendance Maximized through Smart Card Technology

Automating attendance not only liberates your educators’ time and attention to highly important tasks, it boosts your school districts performance. Smart technology for these types of classroom management techniques provides:

  • Accurate reports of student population;
  • Automated flags of at-risk students;
  • Alerts educators to patterns of absenteeism.

Such patterns may indicate behavior issues that could develop into security problems. Fortunately, Smart ID technology offers a real-time, all-in-one solution that educates staff without interfering with their more internally focused types of classroom management tasks.

#3 Promote Student Accountability and Safety through Smart Card ID Technology

Without smart technology in classroom management, educators must take time away from their teaching to mark attendance of tardy students or no-shows. However, with smart card system technology, students can tap their cards on attendance kiosks for their attendance to be recorded in a specified place. Educators can now focus on the more important aspects of their job responsibilities, such as student engagement and daily curriculum tasks, instead of managing such interruptions.

In return, students learn accountability, specifically in knowing that class cuts are reported in real-time, enabling administrators to intervene quickly.

A Long Island High School case study reveals how their district is now postured to allocate resources in a strategic way to deliver profitable types of classroom management decisions and create a reward system to accurately acknowledge the achievements of their students. As a result, these smart technology benefits have increased attendance rates, promoted student accountability, and lowered truancy.

In conclusion, schools nationwide are discovering that innovative types of classroom management techniques will always lead to better educational outcomes.

Harnessing the best types of classroom management strategies for your school district’s various goals does not have to be complex. ScholarChip supports school districts and educational institutions nationwide in pinpointing the exact solutions to help accomplish successful classroom management and an overall improved safety strategy.

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