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About Us

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Meet Billie, our furriest fan! She continues to motivate and support us (as long as we supply the snacks). And let’s face it, she keeps us on our toes as we navigate life and work.

Our Mission

ScholarChip was founded on a mission to help make schools safer, more engaging, and more supportive of student success.

Our Story

Founded by Dr. Maged Atiya with an initial focus on providing secure identity and automated attendance solutions to K-12 schools while helping reduce the administrative burden associated with “unfunded mandates”.

Platform expands to include visitor management, behavior management, access control, cafeteria point-of-sale to become the first comprehensive School Safety and Operations System (SSOS).

ScholarChip continues to advocate for an “Inside-Out” approach to School Safety that balances social-emotional wellness, personal accountability, and physical security.

Our Team

Maged Atiya, Founder

ScholarChip was founded by Maged Atiya in 2000. When his children were young, Dr. Atiya served on the Board of Education in Port Jefferson, NY, where he realized that schools didn’t have access to the very high levels of computing power that were available to science and industry. He established ScholarChip to meet this need. Prior to founding ScholarChip, Dr. Atiya was a Senior Physicist at Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island and an Assistant Professor of Physics at Columbia University.

Craig Lockwood, CFO

Craig has almost 20 years in leading organizations dedicated to student success. He joined ScholarChip in November 2017 as President and CFO. He has a B.S in Applied Economics from Cornell University and a M.S in Finance from Suffolk University where he serves on the Sawyer Business School Alumni Board.

Kevin Barney, SVP of Business Development

Seth Schultz, Technology Group Leader

Kathy Ecoffey, SVP of User Experience

Donna Harrigan, VP of Governance, Risk & Compliance

Monica Sibilla Atiya, Co-Founder

Billie Atiya, Mascot and Spirit Lifter