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Every student deserves a safe, engaging, and supportive school climate to reach their full potential.

That’s why we developed integrated solutions to help schools holistically solve their biggest challenges and succeed.


How can school leaders manage the health, physical and emotional safety of their entire educational community?


An identity management platform tailored to address a school’s pain points using technology, working together, to provide a clear picture of what is happening in and around campus.


When school safety is finally viewed as a holistic, non-hardened concept, schools can use data as knowledge, spotting risks early and supporting students in a more meaningful way.

How It Works

Data Integration

We integrate with most student information systems to create seamless data flow between a school’s central database and ScholarChip’s applications. Once the systems are communicating, the fun begins.

Student pick-up

Student attendance

Hardware Options

Multiple hardware format options–built to adapt to the specific school environment and its needs.

Mobile friendly

Counter-mounted or wheeled form factors

Desktop computer


Begin automating common manual tasks like attendance-taking, cafeteria purchases, behavior referrals and visitor entries.

Student attendance

Visitor registration

Administrator Portal

Administrators can easily configure the system and generate reporting to help identify possible issues before they become risks.

Real-time data & analytics

Role-level permissions

Advanced reporting

Training & Support

Dedicated team members provide exceptional support so that your staff understands how to use the hardware, navigate the portal, troubleshoot and more.

Dedicated technicians

Advanced training curriculum

Learn how ScholarChip can help your school