Effective Security Solutions that Empower Superintendents

While most educators remain excited by the prospective opportunities that classroom technology advancements provide, many school administrators maintain deep apprehensions over the intersection of technology and security.

Understandably, superintendents are concerned about the actual return on investment (ROI), onboarding staff with technological security advancements, system compatibilities, and maintenance of any new security solution.

With prevailing attendance rates and test results declining, the least favored responsibility would include the added complication of finding funding for a massive technology haul and staff training strategy.

Consequently, technology advancements have evolved with the school administrator’s roles and responsibilities in mind, targeting both their security concerns and administrator challenges.

The evolution of school security solutions now empowers school administrators to embrace an all-in-one key that optimizes expanded security strategies and maximizes the success of a superintendent’s multifaceted leadership role.

Protecting Your Students and Staff

In addition to improving and maintaining the safety of your district’s students and staff from external threats and intruders, you have internal responsibilities to:

  • Prevent harassment-related incidents
  • Monitor and resolve chronic absenteeism
  • Comply with new government legislation on a district-wide level
  • Manage costs and provide reliable and accurate reports

Additionally, you are legally tasked with preventing and intervening school security incidents before its occurrence.

How? Through security solutions with advanced, all-in-one technology.

Effectively meeting those external safety tasks while fully supporting your students’ internal environment is nearly impossible without a security solution that incorporates the right technology strategy.

The key to finding and trusting in an all-in-one security solution is to pursue a system that will always offer both you and your staff measurable results.

Are Your School Security Solutions Measurable?

Merely increasing the presence of school security guards and untrained law enforcement positions your school district for major drawbacks. Not only will you place your students and staff at risk, but in return, you may:

  • Lack proper reports and data to measure the efficiency of your security solution
  • Cripple your ROI
  • Decrease your RFP (request for proposal) opportunities
  • Induce community concerns and distrust in your security measures

“It’s not that security measures are never helpful, but there’s often no data to substantiate them,” said Jeremy Finn, a professor of education at the University of Buffalo. (Education Week, Edition 2019).

In a review of national school safety challenges and the urgency to establish visible security solutions, experts are recognizing that visitor management technology with effective reporting must be embraced in order to properly measure district-wide success.

A Security Solution that You Can Measure

How would Visitor Management Technology work for my school district?
Centric layers of visitor management technology create a culture of vigilance in your daily operations; an investigative component that provides real-time data, meets compliance standards, and exists as a visible security solution in which stakeholders and community members can trust.

Visitor management technology is a measurable, approach to help you :

  • Record new visitors entering the school campus
  • Control premise access
  • Decrease external threats through a registered sex-offender database
  • Leverage funding for your school district

Monitors Your Students’ Behavior

Administrators and superintendents can benefit their campus safety by incorporating an innovative behavior management system that is easily accessible to their staff, administrators, and teachers.

ScholarChip’s Alternative Behavior Educator (ABE) system provides:

  • Powerful data-driven reports that quickly flag at-risk students
  • Assistance monitoring and chronicled progress
  • Support in decision-making tasks

ABE is a part of the centric layer of security solutions that help create proactive solutions instead of reactive solutions, keeping the entire school district one step ahead with real-time management.

Take Full Control of Your Premises and Data

Recognize and Store Visitor Data Automatically
Visitor Management Systems are enabled to scan visitor driver’s license to automatically register a new visitor.

Swift extraction of visitor data occurs as the visitor management technology obtains verified information directly from licenses or state ID’s. Their information will be cross referenced with a registered sex-offender database.

Once a visitor is registered, check-in’s become faster and do not require re-submission of visitor information.

Student and Staff Safety
New innovations have honed and perfected identity management platforms to include Smart ID Cards for both your students and staff.

This cohesive solution is key to secure attendance data, prevent violence, and perform rapid and accurate decisions in the event of an incident.

The Measurable Benefit: Real-time Reports and Secure Cloud Technology
The best school safety systems use cloud-based technology and data that can be used when creating both security and compliance reports, providing you with real-time information for security and various administrative reports as needed. This also means that stakeholder data is secure and protected from external cyber threats.

Increase Attendance: Decrease Bullying and Absenteeism

According to The Department of Education, reported harassment-related incidences and chronic absenteeism are connected, as publication reveals distressing data that parallel in statistical value (DOE, 2017).

Early Outreach Through Attendance Technology
Fortunately, there are measurable benefits that stem from ABE and attendance technology, notably the personalized early outreach abilities that you can provide for your district’s students.

Automated attendance, as a prime security solution, offers:

  • Mobile kiosks
  • Real-time reports

Mitigating chronic absence conforms to the three-tiered reform system being successfully implemented to reduce habitual truancy in schools and districts throughout the United States.

Leverage Funding for Your District

In return, your school district’s increased attendance rates will:

  • Help you leverage and increase funding opportunities for your district
  • Achieve social responsibility challenges by meeting and exceeding the stakeholder’s (and overall community) demand for improving security solutions
  • Increase RFP success rates with accurate and improved reports gained through visitor management technology

As noted, technology offers a plethora of security solutions that expand into the task of optimizing your responsibilities as an administrator.

Your Security Solutions Through Technology

For superintendents looking for an effective school security solution, you should look into an all-in-one technology dedicated to resolving school administrator challenges is the key element to ScholarChip’s platform, which provides a holistic approach to security solutions and data management that meets the needs of both superintendents and stakeholders.

To learn more about effective security solutions and how you can implement them, schedule a 1-on-1 demo with ScholarChip today!