3 Reasons a Positive School Climate Will Improve Your School Security Plans

Positive Security = Positive Climate

School climate is a leading factor in supporting student learning and achievement, with a strong focus on their safety and security. The effort and challenges encountered when evaluating annual school security plans require an even stronger focus on the day-to-day reporting and management effectiveness.

Increasingly, school administrators recognize how positive security reinforcements provide a powerful impact in the daily school climate for both students and staff.

The foundation for their success: actualizing the correlation between positive climate and positive safety measures.

In order to harness a concise understanding to why these administrators and districts are prospering so well within their strategies, it is essential to understand the main reasons why a positive school climate is critical in mapping out next steps school security plans.

#1 Positive Reputation Deters Intruders and Menacing Acts of Violence from External Sources

Positive school climate help repel external threats and acts of violence. As a school superintendent, it is important to build and sustain a positive reputation for your school district.

Positive Physical Safety Measures Promote Positive Visibility
School safety experts continue to suggest the implementation of security basics into every school security plan, to promote positive and natural visibility.

Security expert Kenneth Trump, president of the National School Safety and Security Services consulting firm, further illustrates the reasons why positive physical security measures enhance school climate and security plans of our nation’s education system.

“The key to driving the necessity of a positive school climate is to strategize beyond prison-style metal detectors and physical searches in your school security plan,” Trump explains.

According to a recent State of School Safety Report, a positive school climate is unfortunately hindered by the sole implementation of a negative approach in appearance controlled by such school security plans.

Positive Security without Compromising Your School’s Appearance
An all-in-one secure door access and visitor management system provides a high-performing safety measure while remaining inviting and positive in appearance, as opposed to the sole use of metal detectors and physical searches for new visitors.

A positive representation of secure door access and visitor management system is the ultimate positive physical safety measure that successful school districts are employing and the most appealing esthetic towards positive school climate initiatives.

Secure door access and smart ID technology reinforces the positive sense of safety and provides a visible security measure that exceeds your current physical school security plans.

Visitor management systems provide visible kiosks and desktop measures, showing new visitors that your school uses the latest technology and highest forms of effort in your school security plan.

As noted, to demonstrate your security through a positive, innovative approach and appearance while operating with the best technology that keeps school administrative tasks in mind.

Community Trust = Community Respect | Demonstrating Sincere Concern for School Climate
As a school administrator, you are tasked with a critical role to build community trust as a secure and safe learning environment. Superintendents managing successful school districts are experiencing the community respect that is gained when stakeholders see their efforts to improve school security through school climate.

#2 Positive Environment Instills a Sense of Student Safety and Trust

Students feel safe and retain a sense of trust in their school district and staff when the school climate contains positive visible security reinforcements. Incorporating smart card reader technology into your current and future school security plans is the most effective way to ensure that you are able to measure your day-to-day success and empower your students at the same time.

Technology Reinforces Positive Social and Emotional Climates
The use of smart ID cards and the visibility of smart card reader technology impact each student’s social and emotional learning environment, according to Safe and Sound school reports. For this reason, superintendents across the nation have procured the use of a comprehensive student management system that encompasses real-time data reporting and the inclusion of staff access that can help manage and review behavior.

Positive Environment Where Students are Rewarded
A recent case study involving five school administrators demonstrates how their success stems from the ability to overcome district-wide behavior challenges and achieve positive results through the Alternative Behavior Educator (ABE) systems in place, which includes the:

  • Student reward system
  • Intervention abilities
  • Behavior Tracking system

“Effective teaching and learning is the result of a complex group and psychological processes,” Frontiers in Psychology experts explain. “Empirical evidence has confirmed that school climate is powerful in affecting students’ academic achievement…implementing a positive course of action is a proven effective strategy in the cultivation of a positive school climate.” (Thapa et. Al., 2013)

#3 Optimize Work Productivity of District-wide Staff

A positive school climate enhances the work productivity of staff within the school district, enabling:

  • Educators ability to focus on teaching and classroom tasks, as opposed to the extended time needed to manage behavior and excessive reports.
  • IT staff’s ability to target highly important tasks through the ease of SIS integration of an all-in-one solution.

School security plans that embrace the positive flow of job tasks assigned and productiveness will ensure a district-wide success rate in staff retention and maximize the ease of new safety measure training.

Knowledge of Students Behavior = Positive Staff Continuity
The Comprehensive School Climate Inventory (CSCI) captured data through an annual survey from school administrators who reported an increase in effectiveness surrounding the use of innovative technology that helped increase accuracy in student behavior reports, staff communications, and real-time data for decision making relevant to their assigned tasks.

The ABE system educates teachers, school psychologist, and applicable staff by providing accurate data on their student’s behavior, which issues paperless referrals and builds the continuity of the students’ education team for the lifetime of their education process in your school district.

Positive Climate = Positive Strategies

An absolute positive school climate is the direct result of an effective school security plan. A positive school climate is a guided reflection stemming from a comprehensive security plan in action.

ScholarChip is an all-in-one, platform solution to help reduce school threats and address the important issues surrounding school safety and climate. Data from students, faculty, and stakeholders are leveraged to manage school access, attendance, and behavior management through the platform tools to increase safety and promote the campus climate schools are looking for.

If you are curious to learn more about how you can attain the ideal school climate you have been looking for, feel free to reach out to ScholarChip today for a 1-on-1 strategy session with one of our specialists!