4 School Safety Tips Involving Smart Technologies

Amendments in school safety protocol and legislations are rapidly advancing, notably with the same speed in which smart technology is evolving.

At first glance, the benefits and advantages of the smart technology evolution are quite transparent in the process of preventing and intervening school safety matters, such as decreasing school violence, reducing absenteeism, and inhibiting harassment-related incidences.

From a school Principal’s vantage point, the question is, “How do we implement this technology?”

School districts are taking a more cautious and concert approach in deciding how to implement smart technology with a safety strategy, without obstructing any actionable goals.

Concerns may include:

  • Security misrepresenting the district as a “troubled” school system
  • Difficulties related to onboarding and training staff to new systems
  • Dead-end solutions for managed access control and monitoring students

Understanding and implementing these 4 school safety tips will resolve those apprehensions and provide you with the best all-in-one solution to optimize your student and staffs environment, performance, and culture.

School Safety Tip #1

Visual Security: Internal Technology with Mobile Advantages

Visible security features should provide more than a form of visible deterrence to unauthorized visitors.

Your school district’s visual security must have mobility and real-time monitoring functions that proactively:

  • Promote a positive and innovative representation of your school through visible mobile kiosks and mobile monitoring apps.
  • Enhances security mobility and real-time data for security teams and IT staff.
  • Overcomes the vulnerability that stems from using front desk check-in logs and unmonitored premises access.

Procure an all-in-one solution containing mobility features and a secure door access system technology that will provide:

  • Real-time reports to your security teams and IT staff regarding student and staff access point information
  • Staff monitoring of arrival and dismissal times, which increases the quality of classroom-related focuses and education time
  • Instant lock-down advancements with a single command
  • Secures your tech environment with stakeholder data being stored

A Positive Visible Approach = A Positive Representation

Smart technologies are the most innovative prevention and intervention weapons for your school, with long-term benefits. Equip your school with mobile advantages to win the war on school violence and gain alternatives to arming your schools with additional technological weapons.

In return, your school district is represented as a safe space, conducive for learning.

School Safety Tip #2

Analyze Your Students’ Behavior

Monitor and manage behavior in which students are held accountable, specifically attendance and general behavior.

By integrating smart technology in your school safety strategy, you and your educators can now generate student data-driven reports to identify at-risk learners.

An optimized student management system uses smart technology to:

  • Reinforce better behavior and monitors progress
  • Support decision-making tasks for teachers and administrators
  • Integrate an intervention and student reward system

Prevention and Intervention of Bullying

Youth intervention models are met through the use of screening and progress monitoring systems.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services Multi-Tiered System of Support, implementation of a student management system that uses smart technology is highly effective and proven to reduce and eliminate instances of violence and harassment-related events in a school environment.

Arm Your Staff with the Right Tools towards Prevention

With these technological resources, you can empower your staff to help combat truancy, easily compile data on attendance metrics for behavior evaluations, and meet reporting regulations.

School Safety Tip #3

Get Students Involved with Their Own Safety

Implementing Smart ID Card technology provides your school with automated attendance, which improves administrative accuracy, cut rates, and decreases truancy.

One of the most powerful school safety tips involves Smart ID Card attendance technology, which provides your school with additional advantages through card reader technology, enabling:

  • Review by administrators
  • Student population insights and reporting
  • Promotes and progresses student accountability

Leverage a multi-layered approach through a student management system that contains an all-in-one solution that makes optimal use of student and staff Smart ID Cards by supporting large group and classroom attendance, cafeteria POS, secure door access, and mobile monitoring.

The Ease of Staff Onboarding and Training

An all-in-one software system can simplify and mitigate staff training concerns when it’s time to update every one of your staff.

Educators will gain more quality classroom time, focusing on their teaching roles and administrative tasks; fluently easing concerns directed towards the task of onboarding and training staff.

School Safety Tip #4

Educate Stakeholders: Student Data Privacy

An overlooked aspect of leveraging safety within your school is related to cybersecurity concerns. Expand your district’s opportunities through student management software to transform and monitor:

  • Existing student information systems (SIS)
  • Behavior management analysis
  • Compliance involving privacy regulations
  • Safeguarded stakeholder data

Understanding Student Data Privacy

Stakeholders should understand how data privacy is a critical school safety precaution not to overlook.

The Department of Education has mandated new requirements, in which students and staff must be taught about online safety as an initiative to safeguard activities.

Investing in cybersecurity and online safety education strategies help students and staff become more secure with their private data. Data security is becoming more and more relevant in today’s society.

Acquiring a multi-layered, all-in-one solution is the best approach to strengthening your school’s cybersecurity, reducing the risk of infection to your systems and preventing expanded threats, such as hackers and cyber miners.

Arm Your Students, Staff, and Data for the Present and Future

In summary, ensure that you select a school security strategy that enables real-time:

  • Visitor screening
  • Security access for students, staff and teachers
  • Student behavior tracking and analysis
  • Integration across database and third-party data centralization

We hope these school safety tips will help in your journey for improving your school security and performance with smart technologies..

ScholarChip is an all-in-one platform solution designed with students and school principals in mind to help reduce school threats and address the important issues surrounding school security.

Smart technologies will drastically increase support for school districts in managing school access, attendance, and behavior management through easy to use platform tools to increase safety and promote a campus environment that meets your goals.

If you are looking to learn more and get started in implementing smart technology toward your school, request a 1-on-1 walkthrough with one of our specialists today!