School Safety Technology and SIS Integration

Safeguarding campuses is undoubtedly a multi-faceted process for school leaders—and the government is recognizing its role in helping school administrators make the connection between the evolution of school safety technology, SIS (School Information Systems), and a positive school climate.

Recently, the Federal Commission on School Safety released a final report on school safety, acknowledging this connection between the prevention of school violence and software integration needs. The Commission’s report suggests that resources should be better spent on a more comprehensive approach that addresses prevention by:

  • Building a culture of connectedness
  • Conducting threat assessments
  • Establishing a security team to develop and implement security plans

This type of multi-faceted security plan requires integrated systems for collecting, analyzing, and sharing data. Recognizing this, many school leaders have attempted to upgrade systems by integrating new technology on their own, yet they lack the accurate insights needed when meeting their safety goals and measuring results.

Fortunately, there’s great news in regards to acquiring these significant benefits that stem from school safety technology and SIS integration.

As an expert in school safety technology and software integration, ScholarChip offers its resources to help school administrators nationwide explore safety solutions and strategies that easily integrate with their SIS and maximize its value and effectiveness to keep each student safe.

What Every School Administrator Needs to Know about School Safety Technology and SIS Integration

Most education centers and school districts already use an SIS as their primary tool to manage all their students’ records and administration, from admissions to payments. Your SIS stores and tracks all student information, including grades, attendance, and records, and most notably, it can be easily integrated with school safety technologies such as Smart ID cards, SEL (Social Emotional Learning) systems such as ABE (Alternative Behavior Educator), and point-of-sale platforms.

By integrating school safety technology with your SIS, you’re perfectly optimizing your staff’s workflow and increasing their ability to prevent and intervene in school incidents on an individual basis, while incorporating the support of parents and your entire administration. Additionally, each campus can:

  • Increase communications between all necessary divisions
  • Reduce time spent maintaining and organizing student records
  • Obtain real-time data to make accurate decisions that prevent and intervene in incidents based on a student’s behavior

As an introduction, you can see how school safety technology and SIS integration play a vital role in optimizing a positive school climate for your campus and providing you with measurable impacts on behavior management and overall staff work productivity. Moreover, its ease of use is noted as one of the most significant benefits in an automated learning environment.

School Safety Technology and SIS: The Integration That Provides an Accurate Image for Staff and Parents

Taking Control of Your Prevention Strategies—as a Team

Parent/teacher communications will always remain a top concern in the prevention and intervention of school violence, bullying, and those unseen behavioral issues that can lead to future problems. This concern is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

The most powerfully integrated school safety technology and SIS help empower teamwork and boost their ability to gain insight into the children’s classroom behavior, attendance, and social-emotional learning plans.

Through the seamless integration of ScholarChip’s ABE (Alternative Behavior Educator), your administration is provided with a real-time, automated solution that emphasizes the importance of responsible behavior. ABE empowers teachers and administrators with the tools to combat dropout rates, a number of referrals, and ISS/OSS assignments. How is this achieved?

Quite simply, SIS and ABE work together as an all-in-one platform along with secure door access, visitor management, smart card readers and IDs, and attendance, creating the most robust real-time reports for both education and clinical staff, with the communication gap being filled for students and parents.

The Expanded Benefits of the Integration of School Safety Technology and SIS

Building Trust and Communications between Your Students and Staff

Student confidence and relationship building between students and staff should be a high priority in your school safety plan. It can be made friendlier and easier to monitor through advancements in school safety technology, such as smart card readers and smart IDs—as opposed to the social-emotional stress that stems from metal detectors and lockdowns alone.

School safety technology through smart card readers and visible visitor management systems stimulates and encourages student accountability on a daily basis as a positive school climate tool—and not merely during an active school incident.

By leveraging the best technology, you are sending a positive message to your students and the community. You are expressing how positive, innovative, and confident your school safety plan has become, welcoming troubled students to an environment in which they feel open to discuss their situations.

Placing behavior and social success in the hands of at-risk students helps them succeed academically while altering their life path toward a brighter future.

Optimizing Accurate, Real-Time Communications, Proactively Bringing Your Departments Together

As a school administrator, you have experienced or witnessed the extreme hindrances and narrow communications that occur among school staff without an all-in-one platform—and how this impacts both work productivity and SEL.

Times have changed: Real-time communications can now be realized by unifying access to your SIS and openly representing this positive impact on your students’ environment of learning. Also, school safety technology and SIS integration bring tremendous support in further launching your school security plans in the years to come, as it remains up to date and compliant with all relevant government mandates.

Maximizing Security and Reporting Processes: Improving the Safety of Assets

Every school administrator’s assets are their students and staff, as well as the collective unity of the whole community involved. SIS integration with school safety technology helps bridge the gap in protecting your assets’ data.

The powerful SIS-gathered data is highlighted for its incredible ability to create data-driven reports on student progress for individuals (or the entire student body), and the integration of school safety technology extends into protecting sensitive information for your entire school district.

Improving School Security, Billing, and Reporting

The integration of school safety technology and SIS is now cloud based, providing the best option for on-site legacy systems. There are several reasons for this advantage:

  • Easier setup
  • Universal access
  • Immediate technical support
  • Improved data security
  • Increased ability to adapt to changes and updates

The integrated solution offers billing and payment processing benefits that help mitigate lunch-shaming, which stems from bullying and other social/economic stigmas.

Leverage Exclusive Insights to Increase Your School’s Safety and Performance

“Each of us has a role to play in improving the safety of our students and the security of our schools,” the Federal Commission on School Safety highlights. The final analysis underscores the need to work together in the great effort to prevent and intervene in future tragedies—and continue to learn from them. In other words, knowledge is power! This includes your staff, students, and the parents or guardians within your community.

The Commission and hundreds of schools nationwide have learned that this unification of school security policies, safety technologies, and software integration can achieve tremendous success for many campuses when they target a centrally-managed all-in-one solution that helps:

  • Provide accurate, real-time reports and data about each student to both staff and parents, which prevents school threats
  • Optimizes data security and streamlines security, teaching, and clinical staff responsibilities and daily task workflow

The Commission has officially made solid recommendations that address multiple aspects of school safety. Now, it is a school leader’s responsibility—government-mandated, in most states—to integrate all vital elements into their school safety plan each academic year, along with the task of managing an IT system in a safe school environment. The first step to understanding how school safety technology works is to fully recognize its direct benefits in the prevention and intervention of school incidents.

Let’s work together to help your school build an integrated SIS in a K-12 system! If you are ready to learn how your school can increase safety and security through the integration of our all-in-one solution, we invite you to contact one of our specialists today.

ScholarChip offers a solution called Alternative Behavior Educator (ABE). This innovative program enables school administrators and counselors to identify, monitor, and improve student behavior throughout a student’s career, while giving them powerful data-driven reports that quickly flag at-risk students, help monitor and chronicle progress, and help them identify school safety risks before incidents.

To learn how ScholarChip can help make schools safer or get free recommendations, feel free to contact us for a free consultation!