Harden School Infrastructure with Simple Smart ID Card Readers

An expanding number of school officials are learning more about the positive impacts from smart card technology and readers to help improve and progress their school’s infrastructure and reduce issues such as chronic absenteeism.

Hardening a school’s infrastructure through advanced technologies is progressing along with positive recognition and full support from state-wide programs and media. In recent news, schools have been praised for their technology initiatives towards school safety and data protection. “We tightened up all policies and procedures around student information and human resource data,” Quakertown School District Technology Director Joe Kuzo added. Smart card readers and smart smart ID technology are a logical progression for both students and administrators since a host of schools already have some form of ID system in place.

Smart ID Cards and Reader Technology

In essence, smart ID card readers obtain vital information for tracking and reports.

These advanced identification cards help provide a plethora of options to maximize your school infrastructure and attendance, impacting the security and accuracy of data involving your students, staff, and visitors. With contactless and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, students tap their smart ID cards onto a reader to achieve a swift login and tracking abilities that support your school safety initiatives.

Through cloud computing, data is safely stored with backup systems in place, providing your school district with real-time information through any event. Aside from the visible benefits of safety and security that smart ID card readers provide, it is advantageous to recognize other important benefits this technology has for your school district, such as chronic absenteeism with students.

The Simple Approach to Fortify School Infrastructure

Security is the main reason most schools turn to smart card technology. However, efficiency and convenience are critical as well. As a Superintendent tasked with the responsibility to manage and support the complexities of your school district’s best practices, you are consistently analyzing your growing need for school infrastructure safety in both physical premises and enterprise data. How can you simplify these functions and streamline the continuity of your entire staff’s responsibilities?

The answer: a comprehensive identity management platform.

Taking Authority with a Single Command

Distressingly, school lockdowns occur on a weekly basis. More than 4 million children endured lockdowns last school year, a groundbreaking analysis was uncovered, leaving many traumatized.

“School shootings remain rare, even after 2018, a year of historic carnage on K-12 campuses. What’s not rare are lockdowns, which have become a hallmark of American education and a byproduct of this country’s inability to curb its gun violence epidemic,” the Washington Post reports.

To harden our school infrastructures across the nation, school administrators must leverage an all-in-one system that can:

  • Ensure specific doors within a building or across a district can be locked down with a single command
  • Provide an accurate report via a tablet or computer to staff

Taking authority of your school’s physical and digital infrastructure can be simplified by using smart card ID reader technology and educating your staff on the ease of use of a comprehensive security system.

Secure Door Access Systems | What to Look For

Smart ID card systems can undoubtedly refine your buildings’ security. When procuring the best all-in-one solution, there is no compromise in quality and efficiencies. Examine secure door access solutions, which offer:

  1. A single-command lockdown of all doors in a building or across your district; an immediacy that maximizes action time and saves lives
  2. Accurate location reporting from a mobile device that displays which students and staff members used their card for attendance

Additionally, the best comprehensive solution should provide your district with the optional benefit of automating the process with law enforcement for immediate access.

Streamlined and Secured

In recent years, technological progressions of smart ID card readers are creating ease of use and efficiency for administrative processes.


Streamlined administrative processes that an all-in-one solution will bring to your school infrastructure include:

  • Attendance optimization
  • Location and time clock management
  • Accountability and control
  • Classroom efficiencies for both students and teaching staff

Taking authority of your safety strategy and administrative efficiencies can be simplified and achieved even with the reality of maintaining a massive population of students and staff. Smart ID card readers are now developed to handle districts with large populations and accurately manage building and classroom attendance.

Chronic absenteeism is a large dilemma with school’s across the United States and it’s something that needs to be addressed. Smart ID cards with readers help create accountability with students so that they may take their attendance within their own hands. If they are late, a notification from the system will ping the parent of the student to let them be aware that their student is currently late or not present at all.

These are simplified advantages of obtaining real-time reports and innovative methods to reduce chronic absenteeism and hardening your school. Which can only be realized through a trusted, automated smart ID card system. Therefore, it is critical to find a partner such as Scholarchip that comprehends your district’s needs, your goals for the future of your schools, and how to strategize towards a solid school infrastructure.

Arm Your District with The Best Tools

Smart card technology streamlines and hardens school infrastructure security and provides an all-in-one platform solution to help reduce school threats while addressing the critical challenges encompassing student attendance and tracking.

ScholarChip is an all-in-one, platform solution to help reduce school threats and address the important issues surrounding school safety. Data from students, faculty, and stakeholders are leveraged to manage school access, attendance, and behavior management through the platform tools to increase safety and promote the campus climate schools are looking for.

If you are ready to harden your school’s infrastructure and tackle the challenges surrounding chronic absenteeism, feel free to schedule a 1-on-1 walkthrough with one of our specialists today!