Cafeteria POS

Make cafeteria operations easier

Automate your cafeteria services and integrate them securely with the ScholarChip Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal, ID Manager, and Tier I Inventory Management System.

With a sleek touch screen and a tap of the ScholarChip One Card, the device creates cafeteria transactions and automatically transmits them to the data center for inventory management and account control. Our POS application interfaces seamlessly with our payment gateway, allowing automatic replenishment of student purses through a web interface for quick, easy, cafeteria management.

With extensive reporting for both inventory and caloric counts for students, the system also identifies important conditions like allergies, at the terminal, to help to eliminate potential problems.


All students pay the same way, so no one knows who receives free or reduced lunch. No stigma, no lunch shaming.

ScholarChip’s Point-of-Sale platform will now seamlessly integrate with SchoolPay. Administrators can load/re-load pre-paid cafeteria balances, update account transactions to SchoolPay’s Payment Portal, and set alerts for low balances and other issues.

Review or download our Cafeteria POS Information Sheet.

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