ScholarChip Integrates ABE Functional Behavioral Assessment Software to Further Streamline School Safety and Operations Services

NEW YORK, N.Y., August 22, 2017 ScholarChip®, the largest provider of automated school safety and operations services, has fully integrated ABE (Alternative Behavior Educator) into its suite of services. K12 schools now have a single point of access to ABE within the largest and most robust school safety and accountability platform in America. Unlike any other behavior software available in the market today, ScholarChip-ABE eliminates administrative tasks by automating referrals and interventions that are based on repeated tardiness or truancy, and returns valuable learning time to each period.


ABE is one of the most successful software solutions for managing and improving student behavior; it provides schools with the means to track, analyze, and document this critical component of instruction. Integration with the ScholarChip platform creates an effective solution that requires little or no manual intervention for objective behavior assessments based on attendance issues. This mechanization and consistency saves administrative time as well as highlights at-risk students for early intervention.


The new ScholarChip-ABE continues its tight and seamless integration with PowerSchool® and adds additional tools with Infinite Campus, Skyward®, eSchoolPlus™ and other Student Information Systems (SIS). It also enhances all previous features as well as offers new ones specifically requested by school administrators.


“The era of partial and poorly integrated solutions is over: ScholarChip-ABE builds on the proven success of ABE and adds the entire ScholarChip platform strength, breadth and versatility, as well as dozens of new features, which simply has no parallel,” said Maged Atiya, PhD, ScholarChip CEO/CTO. “We are excited about what ScholarChip-ABE and all of ScholarChip can do for the thousands of schools we currently serve, and for the many more we look to serve in the future.”


ABE offers practitioners evidence-based behavioral interventions that get results by teaching better behavior through interactive games and videos. It monitors progress throughout a student’s career while giving administrators and teachers powerful data-driven reports that quickly flag at-risk students, help chronicle progress, and support quantifiable decision-making tasks. The system incorporates the complete spectrum of behavior and integrates student rewards, interventions, and tracking to improve student behavior and educational outcomes.


These are some of the enhancements of the new integrated platform:

  • A Single Sign On to the ScholarChip identity server that provides immediate access to features such as automated building, large group, classroom, and bus attendance; tardy tracking; mobile hall monitoring; and ScholarCharts for streamlined classroom and school student data management.
  • Enhanced SIS integration tools include a PowerSchool plugin, direct integration with Infinite Campus, eSchoolPlus and Skyward. Integration can be two-way, nearly eliminating administrative or clerical effort in data entry.
  • Teachers can use the “Classroom Actions” tab to record all aspects of student behavior to save time.
  • An incident involving multiple students and multiple actions can be recorded from one screen, or multiple consequences can be entered for one offense, which streamlines these administrative tasks.
  • Infraction severity is now color coded to allow quicker historical assessment, making repeat offenses and issues easier to flag.
  • New game screens make learning about good behavior more fun and interesting.
  • Student schedules are imported directly from the SIS for quick access.
  • Seating charts and student photo identification are included making classroom management easier for substitute teachers.
  • Staff and student portals can be accessed via any combination of password and smart card tapping using the ScholarChip smart card ID for quick operation.
  • Data refresh frequency and methods are enhanced to handle any school system, from large ones serving entire states or counties to the smallest Charter schools. Refreshes are in real time using the ScholarChip open API, daily via SFTP files, or ad hoc via manual uploads, keeping student and staff data up to data effortless.


The integration of smart identity security and safety services from ScholarChip and ABE discipline event management enhances the Functional Behavior Assessment module currently in use by hundreds of schools across the country. Teachers and administrators find the process easier to manage, less time-consuming, and offering more accurate documentation. School districts across America have already experienced dramatic and positive changes in student behavior by using ABE.


“Our clients are reporting significant results,” added Atiya. “For example, in Florence, S.C., the school district has seen a 62 percent decrease in administrative hearings within one year, which is attributable to their work with ABE.”


ABE is the only Behavior Management System that can automate behavior with attendance because it is integrated with ScholarChip’s automated attendance system at the building, classroom, bus, and hallway level. Traditional referrals will be at the discretion of teachers but will be uploaded electronically for easy tracking. 


Along with behavior modification tracking, ScholarChip helps school districts monitor large group, classroom, and bus attendance; decrease dropout, skipping, suspension rates, and disproportionality; decrease the number of referrals; and provide real-time, objective and actionable reports to all constituents, all in easy-to-use hardware and software packages. ScholarChip’s full offering also includes POS payment processing, visitor management, and secure door access, as well as other services for higher education. 


About ScholarChip

ScholarChip is the largest provider of smart ID cards used for attendance, payment processing, visitor management, secure door access, and behavior management services in K12. It was first to market in centralizing and integrating School Safety and Operations System with a true one card solution, which operates seamlessly with popular Student Information Systems and NFC mobile devices. ScholarChip’s Higher Education services include Tuition Payment Plans, Loan Servicing, Student Retention Services, and a compliant Payment Gateway. For more information visit


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