ScholarChip Extends to Midwest to North Dakota and Missouri

NEW YORK, N.Y., May 9, 2017 —ScholarChip®, the largest provider of smart ID cards for K-12 schools, announces that school districts in the Midwest are now embracing automated services for building and classroom attendance. Two schools in particular, Legacy High School in Bismarck, N.D. and Monett R-1 School District in Monett, Mo., have implemented ScholarChip services to support their flex-schedule courses.


Monett R-1 is employing ScholarChip’s ID Manager, which integrates with its student information system and prints customized smart ID cards. Students tap in at classroom readers and they are automatically marked as present. 


With ScholarChip, Legacy High School has dramatically decreased the time required to take large group classroom attendance from 20 minutes to about four minutes, an 80 percent decrease. They offer lecture courses in the auditorium, with up to 150 students per class. The automated process was noticeably more efficient and eliminated manual attendance taking, which was nearly impossible for such a large class.


Smart ID card-based automation allows administrators to keep schools more secure; they can monitor attendance in real time, which can be vital in the case of an emergency or lockdown. Reports generated also aid data-driven decisions, both academic and campus operations, which improve retention and increase efficiency.


Bismarck Public Schools and Monett R-1 District are two of ScholarChip’s latest additions to their client list in the Midwest. Their accounts are sold and integrated by Midwest Card of ARMET Group, which is a national association of solution providers who represent the program and provide installation, integration, sales, training and service of the software and hardware.


About ScholarChip

ScholarChip is the largest provider of essential K-12 operational and security solutions through smart ID cards and automated attendance, visitor management, physical access control, classroom and bus attendance services, and more, ScholarChip provides schools with cutting-edge technologies for data-driven decisions and increased student safety. For more information visit


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Legacy High School



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