ScholarChip ABE: Behavior Management & ID/Attendance Solutions

Meet TJ, a freshman at Uptown High. He used to cut class a lot. Not anymore. TJ’s school launched ScholarChip. A comprehensive smart ID card and automated attendance system. Now, Uptown High knows when TJ gets on the bus. And when he actually enters the building. Even his teachers can quickly tell that TJ tapped in at school, but is not where he’s supposed to be. Last time TJ was late, he was caught vandalizing the boys room. Three strikes and he is out of luck. He’ll be spending some quality time with a counselor and ScholorChip’s ABE Behavior Modification System. TJ is learning that his actions affect others and limit his freedom. For Josie, ScholarChip makes lunchtime and breathing a little easier. Before ScholarChip’s integration, the lunch menu was full of hidden dangers that put her at risk of heading to the hospital. Now ScholarChip verifies her choices along with her payment and lunch period. Administrators give ScholarChip high marks for improving students safety and campus security. They can keep kids out of sensitive areas, verify every visitor, and if needed, lock down the school in seconds. Parents give ScholarChip two thumbs up. The smart ID card has no personal info on it, just an encrypted ID number, plus sensitive information is safe in a secure cloud. The IT admin is happy because our ___ group and ScholarChip do all the integration and testing. ScholarChip improves student safety and accountability and enhances campus security. Students learn more and can achieve their full potential in a safe and secure environment. Good things happen with ScholarChip K through 12 Solutions.