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  • Capitalizing on the latest technology for school campuses

Modern school superintendents face complex issues that were completely foreign to their predecessors. The current slate of challenges include wide-ranging concerns, from graduation rates to attendance, to school rankings.

More importantly, these challenges are intertwined with one another, and with other high-profile subjects, like that of school safety. School safety is a bedrock concern that manifests in diverse areas like attendance and funding.

However, while school violence is a highly visible issue that gains much attention, there are other concerns that need to be acknowledged, such as chronic absenteeism, a district’s inability to provide, and therefore act on, accurate attendance and truancy rates, along with of course, early warning issues like bullying and thefts. These challenges not only prevent a district from performing well, but they attract the attention of concerned parents and the community.

Schools across the country are looking for innovative ways to get ahead of these problems. Public forums are being held to collect ideas from the community. Districts are holding training sessions with their staff on new procedures and policies. School superintendents know that these strategies can only go so far in helping them overcome the core issues around school safety.