Visitor Management

A powerful, web-based system that automates visitor data collection, secures entries and maintains historical information on all incoming visitors across a school building or district.

Do you need historical and real-time information on who is entering your buildings and for what purpose?

While it’s important to have visitors identified and processed through a single, automated system, it’s vital to have the historical and real-time data available. Having that information provides clarity on the amount of traffic a school gets on a daily basis, the reason for visiting and peak visit times. With that level of detail, not only can it be used to make operational or facility adjustments, but it could improve how schools react to an emergency situation.

Are you concerned about vetting visitors and volunteers for issues that might put your community at risk?

With so much activity in a school’s front office, having an integrated system in place to streamline visitor entries will not only make things more efficient, but it’ll give administrators the peace of mind knowing that each visitor is vetted properly. This means automatic and discreet sex offender checks as well as the ability to know who is authorized to pick up a student.

Is there a need to track staff or volunteer time or student late arrivals/early dismissals?

When front office traffic is high, utilizing one system to check-in and register people keeps things running smoothly. Many schools opt to use their visitor management system to also track time for staff or volunteers as well as student arrivals and dismissals. Simply toggling between visitor types means added functionality and convenience, with less manual work for staff.

Is there a need to ensure students are being picked-up by authorized guardians?

There is an increasing need to make sure students are being picked-up by their authorized guardian. This feature shouldn’t be overlooked when assessing visitor management systems. A simple, integrated student pick-up feature provides staff with basic details on who is and isn’t authorized to pick up a student, leaving the guesswork out. This gives administrators peace of mind knowing their students are safely leaving the building.


Self-service and operator modes
Staff/Volunteer Time clock
Automated Sex Offender Check
Student pick-up
Student late arrival and early dismissal
Package tracking
SIS integration
Real-time reporting & analytics
Visitor surveys
Location tracing

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