Transportation Safety

Using RFID technology to safely and effectively manage the ingress/egress to school.

Are you able to account for students--especially younger students--who are on the bus at any given time?

Using RFID technology, students can tap their ID card–or bracelet for younger students–when they enter or exit the bus. This provides a quick, easy, and accurate way of knowing who is on the bus and if they get off at the right stop.

Is driver safety a concern?

A non-distracting mobile interface makes it simple to use, while built-in alerting provides the driver with the information they need to act quickly. 

Do you have the data at your fingertips if an emergency situation arises?

Administrators can access realtime data for a student or a route, or even generate a report of “exceptions” so they can address any potential safety issues and make informed decisions.

Do you have the ability to notify parents/guardians automatically for everyone’s peace of mind?

Keeping parents and guardians in-the-know on their child’s whereabouts is front and center, especially in the era of COVID-19.


Parent/guardian notifications
Android OS Compatible
Built-in RFID technology
Realtime reporting and dashboards
Ridership data imported nightly
Data synced in real time
App alerts

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