Cafeteria & Payment Services

A best-in-class system designed specifically for schools that integrates with our smart IDs for highly secure, easy-to-use food transactions.

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Do you need your students to be more responsible, more engaged and more mindful of their purchases?

Students battle constant distraction. By implementing a fast, secure food services system that lets students pre-order their meals, make payments, and use their Smart IDs to automate the transaction, you’re giving them back valuable seated plate time.

Is your staff underwhelmed by the current food services software in place?

Software should be the best of both worlds: simple and easy-to-use interface with options with additional functionality. QuickLunch provides more nutrition capabilities, multiple sales modes, button layouts and customization that will make all the difference.

Is there a need to keep certain stakeholders in the loop on granular transactions?

Robust reporting with daily batch reports sent right to your inbox helps eliminate constant questions surrounding food purchases. Valuable data will help speak to any possible gaps so your team can make informed decisions.

Is student safety a concern?

The physical, emotional, and health safety of students is top of mind for all school leaders. By implementing a system that has RFID capabilities, it creates a safer cafeteria environment while opening the door to other safety objectives like keeping students attendance rates up, behavior intervention and tracking, transportation safety and more.


Integrated RFID capabilities
Auto replenishment and auto low balance notifications
Mobile app with full functionality
Online/Mobile free and reduced meal applications with instant qualification
Additional student nutrition software, support, and experience
Ability to capture more payments and having the parents go to one place to make payments
Button layouts and customization
Multiple sales modes
Increased line speed and seated plate time
Customized reporting and emailed batch reports
Flexible/customizable administrative controls

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