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Cafeteria Point-of-Sale

A best-in-class system designed specifically for schools that is highly secure and easy-to-use for fast, automated food transactions.

Do you have a way to minimize the cash students are required to pay for lunch?

Guardians can fund the student’s lunch account online using a ultra-secure parent portal. In the lunchroom, cashiers can process students using Smart ID cards, by class, name, or PIN. ScholarChip’s POS system can help schools automate and therefore, speed up lunch transactions.

Do you have a process to avoid lunch shaming for students receiving free or reduced lunch?

By using a system that allows cashless transactions, student meal status is not identified. Lunch can be purchased discreetly and no one is the wiser. Lunch shaming is stopped in its tracks.

Is there a need to create advanced business efficiencies around in-school purchases?

With automated lunchroom purchases, the system creates real-time transactions and transmits them to the cloud for basic account control. The application interfaces seamlessly with a payment gateway, allowing replenishment of student purses through a parent portal. Administrators can use powerful reporting to get a complete picture of cafeteria purchases.


All-in-one counter-mount station with touch screen interface
Supports free & reduced meal status
SIS integration
Real-time transactions
Notifications (e.g. allergies)

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