ID Management

We believe digital identification is the foundation of a safe school community. A proven best practice in higher education and the corporate world, it is the baseline of the ScholarChip platform, which additionally supports attendance, door access and more. Schools can now go beyond basic identification, and control access for all members and non-members of an educational community.

Is there a need to provide more than just identification to your students and staff?

With the right technology in place, schools can automate various aspects of day-to-day school operations. From classroom, building and non-scheduled attendance needs to access control, Smart IDs are a starting point in securing and streamlining a school day. 

Are you concerned with how to issue ID cards for a large student body?

A complete ID Management system will do more than just print a card. ScholarChip’s professional ID Management service can integrate with the SIS, take pictures on-the-spot or import photos.  Schools can queue high-volume print jobs by home room, graduation year, etc. to print and encode ID cards quickly and securely. When school days seem hectic, having a system that works within a school’s unique environment will make all the difference in operational efficiency.

Is there concern over how to provide ultra-secure ID cards that can’t be tampered with?

Smart ID Cards are encoded when they are printed and can only be mapped to one individual cardholder. If another card is printed, the old one becomes deactivated automatically. Tampering or duplicating a card is impossible with the chip due to the GUI.


Guaranteed Globally Unique ID (GUI)
Standard CR-80 size
Integrates with student information system
Single and dual frequency options
13.56MHz (LF) or 125kHz (HF)
Professional card design service
Location tracing

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