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Bus Attendance

Managing the ingress and egress to school, younger students especially, is front and center as we return to in-person learning.

Do you have a way to get students to and from school safely?

  • Students use their ID card, fob or bracelet to tap on and off the bus
  • Processes students quickly
  • App and RFID device compatible with Android platform

Are your bus drivers prepared to manage bus activity?

  • Uncomplicated interface makes it simple for drivers to use
  • Non-distracting
  • Data is synced in real-time
  • Ridership data imported nightly

Can exceptions be easily identified?

  • Driver is alerted of student getting on the wrong bus
  • Alerts for students still on the bus
  • Alerts for suspended students
  • Driver is alerted of student getting on at the wrong bus stop

How can parents/guardians be kept in the loop?

  • Parent/guardians can opt in to a text or email alert
  • Includes standard arrival to school alerts or exceptions

Do administrators need to check on a student's whereabouts in near-to-real time?

  • Real-time reporting and high-level dashboards available to admins
  • Search by student, route or bus to see available information
  • Run exceptions reports


Parent/guardian notifications
Android mobile app
RFID compatible
Location tracing
Integrates with SIS

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