Behavior Management

Alternative Behavior Educator (ABE) is a web-based behavior management and intervention tool that provides quick documentation of student behavior, teaches positive behavior and monitors progress throughout a student’s career.

Do you have the resources, tools, and support services for students at-risk due to behavioral, social, or emotional issues?

Referrals, interventions, notes and more are connected to each student in a fully-integrated, automated system, eliminating paper cost, saving class time and chronicling the student’s behavior and progress. Evidence-based, age-appropriate videos are prescribed to students to help them learn appropriate behavior and ultimately, to succeed academically and beyond the classroom.

Are you confident that these students are getting the support when they need it so they can re-engage and become part of the educational community?

In alignment with the RTI Tier 3 model, ABE offers printable BAT (Behavior Assessment Test), quizzes, and open-ended questions to provide topics for outlining individualized mentoring sessions. The FBA (Functional Behavior Assessment) capture tool provides in-depth analysis. BIPs (Behavioral Intervention Plan) can be created based on data captured through the FBA tool. Together, the tools and resources are in place for successfully helping students and putting them on a path forward.

Can you prove to parents and the community that you have provided at-risk students with the appropriate support for their documented issues?

Data is collected quickly and seamlessly to provide thorough documentation on a student’s behavior, intervention and progress. In depth progress monitoring is completed through online tracking of module test scores, mentor tracking, and the number of office discipline referrals. The Parent Portal gives access to referral documentation or reasoning for an assigned Intervention as well as student progress.


Age-appropriate, evidence based intervention videos
Mobile App for on-the-go access
Web-based user portal
Paperless referrals are secure, save time, eases access and distribution and cuts down on paper cost
Positive behavior incentives
Functional Behavior Assessments
Behavior Intervention Plans
Customizable dashboards and reports
Parent/Guardian online access
Staff notifications
Dynamic classroom creation

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