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Automated Attendance

Multi-point student attendance--on the bus, inside the classroom, at the building entrance or at an event--can be collected automatically, allowing students to be accountable and administrators to review real-time and historical attendance patterns or exceptions.

Do you worry about students who are chronically absent or tardy and what to do about it?

By automating student attendance, not only does it reduce staff workload, but it creates a positive climate where students are accountable for their own attendance (something they’ll have to be prepared for later in higher education or in the workplace). Even more compelling is that it can give administrators the ability to monitor patterns or recurring tardy situations which can help to alert staff of a possible larger issue, allowing for early intervention.

Have you ever had to deal with a student that got off on their wrong bus stop or fell asleep on the bus and didn’t get off at all?

With an automated bus attendance solution, staff can rest-assured knowing that a student got off at their correct stop or that they haven’t been mistakenly left on the bus. The system can alert to any exceptions, providing drivers with the information they need while enroute. Additionally, administrators can have the information at their fingertips if an emergency situation should arise.


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Is there a desire to collect student attendance outside of the classroom?

Attendance doesn’t have to be limited to the classroom, it can be taken in ad-hoc situations (nurse, guidance) or even during after-school events (game, prom, theatre). A wheeled attendance kiosk can be placed at the event and student attendance can be captured uninterrupted. Benefits of a multi-point attendance solution are endless when it means knowing where your students are and the greater safety picture it can help illustrate.

Are students skipping class regularly?

When skipping situations arise, an automated classroom attendance solution can lend to early intervention. Attendance rates can play a major role in student academic success, so it’s vital that schools select a system that will enhance school climate but curb poor attendance habits. At the very minimum, it will give administrators the information they need to work with the student early on to help address the issue.


Identifies patterns and supports early intervention
Integrates with SIS
Automates tardies and early dismissals
Supports parent/guardian notifications
Real-time reporting and dashboards
Alerts for suspended students
Supports alternate schedules, including hybrid learning
Location tracing

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