Secure Door Access

The latest generation of physical door access systems that leverages newer technologies, such as IoT devices and built-in intelligence.

Do you know who’s in your buildings, when they came in and where?

A powerful access control system doesn’t just lock and unlock doors, it provides a clear picture of the level of access that should be considered when securing a school community. It’s not always a question of who should have access, but when, and to what doors or areas. Configuration is made easy through the system portal where administrators can set permissions, create groups and define schedules.

Do you need to restrict access to certain doors or a location?

Control which doors are accessible and by whom, across various days and times. The solution can be easily configured and maintained across a single school or an entire district. In addition, entry logs and reports within a specific date range can be generated to provide insight into the system.

Do you need the ability to lockdown the school in an emergency situation?

If an emergency situation arises, the ability to lock or unlock specific or all doors becomes necessary. With ScholarChip’s door access service, schools are provided with just enough complexity to be flexible for different school environments, while setting up and making changes are simple. Emergencies require fast action. Controlling door access is just one component of a safe school environment. 


One-click emergency lock down
Open system technology
Time and door profiles
Onboard processing and memory
Native web server

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