The One Card

ScholarChip One Card – The Smartest ID Card

Districts across the country know that ScholarChip’s One Card is the cornerstone of our integrated operations and safety system. We’re the largest provider of these services with over 2,000,000 smart ID cards issued.

We start with an embedded chip encoded with a unique ID number assigned to one individual; it’s the back-end cloud-based server that maintains detailed information, so administering the program is easy. Individual information is secure and the IDs are almost impossible to replicate.

Students and staff tap their cards onto a reader and they are automatically identified. And they’re fast, too; in fact, some configurations can process a thousand students in just minutes. Readers can be deployed throughout a campus easily on kiosks, desktops, or installed using Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology.

Learn how ScholarChip can help your school become more efficient, safer and more secure.

  1. A Smart Student ID-card: Our card is smart, contactless and highly secure.
  2. Attendance: Students simply tap their smart-ID onto one of our readers and their attendance is taken in real time. We automate attendance on a bus, in a building, a cafeteria, classrooms, and more for streamlined reporting and better safety.
  3. Management Site: Review real-time attendance data via our secure website and intuitive portal. See patterns quickly, make objective, evidence-based decisions, intervene earlier, and be more successful.

Review or download our One Card Information Sheet.

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