ID Manager

Photograph students, print and issue the ScholarChip One Card


Hands down, ScholarChip provides the easiest, fastest and most secure way to issue smart ID cards. Our ID Manager Station provides everything you need to rapidly photograph, register and print, and you’re ready to go.

Card issuance is a unique combination of in-school hardware and cloud computing. Our high volume ID Manager stations take photos, issue smart IDs, search cardholder records and manage batch printing, for anywhere, anytime web-based photography and print capability.

The system includes a full-color card printer with an integral contactless smart card encoder for one-step printing and encoding. Encoding is web-based through Secure Socket Layer Channel (SSL) to prevent tampering; a student or teacher has only one valid card at any time. The system also allows for distributed printing and queuing of cards either locally or remotely via a web browser.

Or use our web-based ID Manager with your existing hardware for a plug-and-play solution.

Learn how ScholarChip can help your school become more efficient, safer and more secure.



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ID Manager Features

Capable of photographing and printing cards for up to 100 students per hour.

Easy to Use
One-click operation for photography. Web-based printing initiated from the station or a remote site via a web browser.

Two-way secure communication between the station and Tier I (over Standard Secure Socket Layer ports) ensures globally-unique and tamper-proof cards.

Low Cost of Ownership
Printer ribbons and parts are lower cost than most competitors’. All station parts have a lifetime warranty (excluding theft or vandalism) under the ScholarChip maintenance plan.

ID Manager/Card Printing Station is available on wheels or in a desktop version (pictured at left).


ScholarChip Help Desk
Staffed by qualified support technicians with a minimum of three years experience in technology support, between the hours of 7 AM to 4 PM EST. They may be reached by dialing 877-722-2447 (877-SCC-CHIP) or by sending e-mails with specific requests to