The Holistic Approach To School Safety

ScholarChip is the only company that supports both the physical and psychological side of school safety. By securing the building perimeter while addressing student behavior issues, ScholarChip achieves an unparalleled level of school safety.

As school administrators explore the best options for identifying and avoiding potential school threats, many are turning to technology. This holistic approach to school safety begins with issuing smart ID cards to students, using smart ID to access secure doors, registering school visitors at the building entrance, followed by social and emotional behavior management.


Smart ID cards track the movements of all students and authorized personnel within the confines of campus.

Taking automated attendance a using smart ID card allows only currently enrolled students into the building. Administrators can easily monitor, assign or revoke access privileges from an online management portal.

Visitor Management Systems help office staff register visitors, run a sex offender check and maintain control over the flow of people into campus.

Social and Emotional Behavior program supports all students as they learn what it means to become a healthy and productive member of society. This school wide, holistic approach is made possible through new technology applications, all accessed from one secure management portal.