How Improving Data Systems Directly Improves School Safety

Data Systems in Active & Passive Scenarios

Online Innovation has changed the balance of how people work, for better and for worse.

The internet has added so much speed to our world, creating greater workloads that become demanding. It also increases security risks that would not have existed prior to data sharing, as many aspects of our daily lives are now easily exploited.

Schools are no exception to the demands posed by an online society

Fortunately, the internet can be used to manage the environment our workload and surveillance scenarios take place in. With better data management systems, we can improve the behavioral structure of our student body.

A better behavioral management support can enhance our faculty’s workload performance. A faculty with enhanced productivity is a more proactive management structure. This provides the faculty the means to focus their attention on what really counts. Which is keeping schools safe and pleasant places to attend.

Assessing student behavior is very important in correlation to risk

Not all threats to our schools will come directly from new campus visitors. The students enrolled, could still pose a threat depending on many factors of their own personal life and mental health. Data systems that can identify the criteria and mental health of students actively on campus are key to maintaining a truly safe school environment before an incident can occur.

This system is called the ABE (Alternative Behavior Educator). A system that is always updating documents and sensitive information based off student actions help keep teachers and staff on track with student management and safety. Not only will teachers be given strong data-driven reports, but they will be able to understand where their students are mentally.

Visitor management systems are an integral and proactive part to screening visitors for potential threats ahead of time

Visitors can scan their driver’s license before entering the campus. These systems can also integrate with other systems. This improves the response and usability from faculty and staff as they screen outside visitors to determine if they are a registered sex offender. With traditional systems like pen and paper, a long trail of paperwork begins to build up and eventually take up a lot of space. An integrated data system will delete the need for the long road of paper. This saves time. It also deletes the risk of losing value records in a sea of other classified documents.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police detail crisis behavior like those in active shootings. An alarming number of these cases are generated by individuals who had shown signs of at-risk mental health in the weeks before the incident. The most at-risk are those who experienced discrimination in the forms of bullying, isolation, or job loss. This can connect with student’s at home and their relationship with education.

Assisting stakeholders can be tricky,

But is a must if you want to run a smooth and safe campus. By implementing a data system, stakeholders can receive precise information regarding any student or school threat. This will strengthen the schools relationship with its stakeholders and will also determine if they will become more invested. They want to be able to trust the profitability of the school and data systems can provide a clearer picture of what to expect.

Attendance and school access is a major factor to consider when dealing with the safety of students on campus

Using traditional methods for collecting attendance can take up more time than one thinks, but by providing a Smart ID Card to recurring students and staff, time-management just got a lot easier. With just a tap of a card, the students attendance is recorded through the data system and staff are able to determine insights to their student population. Recurring students are also able to gain access to specific buildings within the campus or revoked, depending on their privileges.

Student incident cataloging is now made easy with digital data systems

As incidents pile up, so does the paper trail, unless you have a digital system in place that can handle all the data given. From these incidents being recorded, one can see insights to the overall health of students within the campus. Accessing this data will be made easy and efficiently so that you don’t have to bother with issues like misplacement, or legibility of the handwritten comments.

Student street-to-bus management,

Is one prime example on how data systems can help outside of the general campus radius. It can also protect students from accidents caused by supervision oversights. When we have a large group of students en route to the bus, the street, or the campus from a field trip location, there lies a greater risk of something to go wrong. Data systems will help us stay on top of cases that can have more room for error. We can correct the error in our school policies by observing incidents that had negative execution.

A student’s career and how they achieve their goals in life are of the utmost importance for schools

The path students take is a long road but a school’s duty is to create a safe and proactive environment for them to grow. Data systems are the glue to help administrators, teachers and students to work together in an organized manner. With technology constantly evolving, data systems will follow suite, helping provide stronger data and insights for school administrators and staff.

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