COVID-19 Update: Check out these solutions to help as you plan for reopening your school.


Back-to-School Planning

In response to the evolving Covid-19 pandemic and continuing our mission of keeping schools safe, we're providing schools with effective technologies to deploy to help identify risks and mitigate spread.

Screening & Access

Screening students, staff and visitors to minimize spread


  • Fever screening
  • Symptom and vaccine tracking
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Visitor questionnaires
  • Support for alternate student schedules


Contact Tracing

Know who has been where to help mitigate exposure and notify individuals


  • Known student location points
  • Reporting for contact tracing


Social-Emotional Learning

How to get students re-engaged in a “new normal”


  • K-12 SEL curriculum for students
  • SEL certification for staff
  • Behavior interventions


Protective Measures

Upgrading to contactless technology can assist schools in adhering to CDC best practices


  • Contactless smart ID cards
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Parent notifications
  • Support for in-classroom lunches





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