ScholarChip provides Help Desk support.

Call: 877-722-2447
Staffed by qualified support technicians with a minimum of three years' experience in technology support, between the hours of 7 AM to 4 PM Local Time. They may be reached by dialing 877-722-2447 (877-SCC-CHIP) or by sending e-mails with specific requests to

Remote Monitoring

As a result of our extensive automated system diagnostics, Proactive outgoing calls are initiated by the ScholarChip Help Desk staff to schools and users.

Comprehensive Support

The Management Site supports the tracking of technical issue resolution. ScholarChip provides on-site one to four hour response time for hardware service calls.

Product Warranty

All ScholarChip hardware is fully warranted (except for theft and vandalism) under the ScholarChip Maintenance Program meaning that there will always be just one known and calculable cost for budgeting.

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