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HIGHER ED SERVICES increase security, streamline operations

ScholarChip’s smart card gives your higher-ed students freedom to provide identification, make purchases, enter secure doors, pay for classes, and disburse monies to their account while letting you know which students are in which classroom, hall, or building in real time.

This data provides a host of information that increases campus safety, helps students succeed, and improves administrative efficiencies.


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Classroom Attendance

Attending every class is vital for most students’ success, and the more students that graduate, the more a college or university succeeds.

ScholarChip’s smart cards make tracking classroom attendance easy for professors; students simply tap into a reader at the beginning of class and they are marked present in real time. This lets instructors see which students aren’t making it to class consistently; if they count attendance toward a grade, they can quickly access the data, even for large introductory auditorium-type classrooms. You receive accurate, reliable, and uniform data.

College students, particularly freshmen, have a difficult time making it to class every day; with newfound freedom and the lure of parties and late night socializing, it’s easy to sleep in and miss a lecture or lab. It’s especially difficult if professors don’t count attendance as a part of a course requirement. But capturing attendance is important for students that receive federal financial aid; ScholarChip makes it seamless and straightforward.

ScholarChip’s SALA (Student Ad-Hoc Location App)

SALA indicates when students are in non-classroom locations; reports generated can show trends of which students go where and for what reason; who is reporting to which club, etc. which helps administrators keep track of out-of-classroom activities, quickly and easily.


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Asset Management

Keep track easily and accurately

Keep your inventory current, know who has the assets on loan, and update information in real time with the ScholarChip smart ID card along with equipment RFID tags to manage any asset inventory. The application has a simple and intuitive user interface and is a fraction of the cost of standard RFID inventory management systems. It’s easy to set up and use, and any standard NFC Android tablet can function as both asset tagger, logger, and lending manager.



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Smart Forms

Do you have a lot of online forms in various disparate systems? Are they attached to students or staff and need to be completed individually?

Save time and improve accuracy with the ScholarChip Smart Forms application. It’s an elegant solution to making online forms easier to fill out and manage. Create any form online and collect information with the tap of a student or staff card. The card tap creates an accurate link to a specific student or staff member, including their photograph.



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ScholarRefund provides institutions with an economical, web-based solution that disburses refunds directly to students’ bank accounts or ScholarChip purse. Its easy registration process gives students fast access to funds without having to pick-up and deposit checks. ​

ScholarRefund reduces the time and expense associated with paper check production and distribution, and students won’t have to stand in line to receive their refund checks or wait for funds to clear.


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