Campus Safety

CAMPUS SAFETY creates a secure, positive learning environment.

ScholarChip gives you the freedom to keep your school safe and secure at all times: know who is on campus, know who goes through which door, know who is in your hallways, and more.

Emergency situations need immediate action:

All doors in a building or across the district can be locked down with a single command, which can be issued from any wireless device or any computer. This immediacy improves time to action and can save lives.

An accurate location report is available on a tablet or computer that shows which staff members and students used their card for attendance and can be identified in the building, in a specific room, which can help first responders react fast.

Smart ID Cards can be programmed for specific door or building access, keeping unwanted intruders out.

Learn how ScholarChip can help your school become more efficient, safer and more secure.



Visitor Management

Schools that are proactive about security know how important it is to identify every school visitor. The system is automated; learn who comes into your building and why, in real time. Analyze data gathered; make staffing and security decisions based on objective, quantifiable information. It’s an efficient, cost effective process that keeps schools more secure.


Secure Door Access

Know which staff members and students pass through which doors; allow specific members entrance at particular times of day; and lock down instantly, with one-click efficiency.


Mobile Monitoring

Mobile devices securely communicate with student ID cards in the hall, on a field trip, or in an ancillary building so you can track where students are and why.