Argo Community High School Joins ScholarChip’s Growing Client Roster with Flexible Schedule Support

NEW YORK, N.Y.., August 29, 2017 —ScholarChip®, the largest provider of smart ID cards for K-12 schools, announces that Argo Community High School is implementing ScholarChip’s ID Manager; the school will print customized smart ID cards that will support its new flex scheduling program for the 2017-2018 school year. Argo is in a suburb of Chicago with approximately 2000 students.


The school district wanted to support students that needed extra help in their studies, so administrators created a new schedule with an extra 40-minute period called Argo Hour, to be implemented next month. During this period, students are assigned to a resource location, a classroom room devoted to a specific subject like math or science, where they get personalized assistance. Those who are not assigned can choose to attend a resource room for extra help.


Other students must go to larger, common locations, often with 300 – 400 students in each, where they can study, do homework, prepare for a test, etc. Taking attendance by hand for that many students is time consuming and can be fraught with human error; it was imperative for Argo to find a way to track students quickly and efficiently for Argo Hour.


“ScholarChip allows us to take automated attendance for a large group of students in a small amount of time,” said Nick Simov, director of technology, Argo High School. “We don’t have to give up instruction time by taking attendance, and the automation means better accuracy.”


ScholarChip offers a new module for its automated card-based classroom attendance that provides “on the fly” reprogramming of its wall-mounted classroom attendance readers; Argo is installing two at each door to handle its students quickly and efficiently. ScholarChip can match any number of flexible scheduling options favored by new instructional and educational developments, and the software integrates seamlessly with PowerSchool®, Argo’s student information system.


The mission of Argo Community High School is to inspire, educate, and empower students to achieve a positive future for themselves and their community; ScholarChip helps to supports these goals.


About ScholarChip

ScholarChip is the largest provider of smart ID cards used for attendance, payment processing, visitor management, secure door access, and behavior management services in K12. It was first to market in centralizing and integrating School Safety and Operations System with a true one card solution, which operates seamlessly with popular Student Information Systems and NFC mobile devices. ScholarChip’s Higher Education services include Tuition Payment Plans, Loan Servicing, Student Retention Services, and a compliant Payment Gateway. For more information visit

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