Admin Portals

Real-time, actionable data at your fingertips

ScholarChip’s Admin Portals give you instant access and analysis to your attendance, security, and point-of-sale (POS) data.

With ScholarChip’s wide range of real-time reports available at a few clicks of a button, results can help you run your school more efficiently and show you areas that need improvement. And when new decisions are put into place, the data helps to track success or failure quickly so you can make changes instantly.

Also, administrators routinely submit attendance information to state and federal education offices; with ScholarChip’s automated system, the process is quick, timely, and accurate.

With access to over 100 reports when a school has full program implementation, many of these can be calculated by student, teacher, school, time frame (daily, weekly, monthly, annually), etc., in configurations that provide information that is most important in any situation.

You can also set automatic alerts, change secure door access, manage student-level data, cafeteria purchases, staff and volunteer information, and more. Reports are easy to run and provide valuable data for objective, quantifiable decision making:​


Administrators know who is in school or not, or who is in a particular classroom or not, at any given moment. You can quickly access this vital information daily —data that could be used for early intervention or for identifying at-risk students more quickly.​

Visitor Management

Creating a safe environment for learning is paramount for any school district, and one of the most vital aspects of safety is keeping track of visitors. Our portal shows you a range of parameters by type of visitor, by day, by hour and by location.

Behavior Management

The only way to see if a student is at-risk for attendance issues, including class cuts, is by seeing their record over time; our Management Site makes that easy, and provides hard evidence to share when parents have questions.

Cafeteria Point-of-Sale

School operations include the cafeteria, and ScholarChip makes cafeteria management and menu planning easier and more cost-effective. From ordering food, trays and paper supplies to keeping track of who gets free or reduced meals, administrators can take care of these important activities with just a few clicks.


Secure Door Access

Access to buildings and secure areas is critical to campus safety; ScholarChip’s secure door access system gives you peace of mind. Know which staff members and students pass through which doors; allow specific members entrance at particular times of day; and lock down instantly, with one-click efficiency.


All ScholarChip Services are managed on individual Admin Portals. From ABE Behavioral Management to Visitor Management, operating and managing your school has never been easier.



Admin Portal Features

The Admin Portals are fully and natively web-centric, the limitation of school hours has been removed

Provides a high level of security (no data is left at the school campus)

Certificates issued from Comodoa as a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) web site

Coherent and uniform rollout of new features and modules.

Provides a number of elegant dashboards that summarize relevant data into easy to view displays

Gives administrators and staff immediate access to all information needed with color coded status and alert displays

Available to all credentialed users 24/7 and 365 days per year from any computer utilizing a common browser