Behavior Management & Intervention

ScholarChip-ABE Behavior Management

Improve outcomes and student behavior with ScholarChip-ABE, which promotes progress, accountability and fun through student behavior tutorials and games.

ScholarChip-ABE eliminates administrative tasks by automating referrals and interventions that are based on repeated tardiness or truancy, and returns valuable learning time to each period.

ABE (Alternative Behavior Educator) teaches better behavior while giving administrators and teachers powerful data-driven reports that quickly flag at-risk students, help monitor and chronicle progress, and support decision-making tasks. ​The system incorporates the complete spectrum of behavior and integrates student rewards, interventions, and tracking with PowerSchool®.

Ranging from kindergarten to high school modules, ABE provides interactive software that emphasizes the importance of responsible behavior. We empower teachers and administrators to combat dropout rates, disproportionality, and reduce referrals and ISS/OSS assignments. ​

Integrating smart identity with automated attendance from ScholarChip and discipline event management by ABE Systems enhances Functional Behavior Assessment currently in use by hundreds of schools across the country.

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ScholarChip – ABE Features

Analyze Behavior Issues

ABE collects district-wide, real time data necessary for vertical reporting and grant applications

Automated graphs provide detailed data that reveal problematic areas as well as areas of improvement

Gain more control by tracking statistics on individual schools across your district.

Demonstrates the high priority you place on behavior and social education to teachers, parents, administrators, school board members, and your community

Save Money

Saves time and money by providing sequential and evidence-based interventions

Alleviates intensive curriculum training yet provides teachers and administration with an immediate tool for behavior correction

Addresses positive methods of success and improve school adequate yearly progress quickly, easily, and effectively​

Engage your Students

Places focus on behavior and social success by placing it in the hands of the student

Peer testimonials explain decisions and consequences to demonstrate why positive change is important

Provides at risk students the skills to help them succeed academically while altering their life path towards a brighter future.

Involve your Parents

Parent Portal keeps guardians involved in student behavior at school. Student referrals and reasons for interventions can be reviewed online so reiteration can happen at home.

Parent-Teacher Conferences are more informative and successful



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