Smart ID Attendance

+ Teacher Authentication

= Student Success


Missing too much school means lower achievement rates and less state funding. 

Every student needs to attend school every day, and every teacher needs to sign-off on accurate attendance.

Texas now allows smart ID card-based attendance that is confirmed by a teacher for dual-factor authentication. Students tap, teachers verify, quickly and easily.  

The best approach?

ScholarChip’s Automated Attendance

What is Dual Factor Authentication?

ScholarChip’s Automated Attendance System Makes It Easy:

  • Track student absent/truant/exceptions accurately with dual authentication

  • Remove human error and get the most precise, auditable attendance counts

  • Maximize state funding with up-to-the-minute logs

  • Show success in real time using powerful, data-driven reports

Texas allows ScholarChip’s passive, chip-based cards. Students tap to indicate their presence; they’re accountable and participate in their own attendance.
Students tap; teachers validate; attendance is automatically exported to your SIS. Real time records are accurate and auditable.
Human error is the largest contributing source of inaccurate ADA; it can cost millions. Automation improves ADA accuracy which may mean a huge increase in funds.

Learn How to Increase ADA Funding

Daily attendance is a key part of student success. Many school districts across America are discovering that by removing human error from taking attendance, they can easily increase their ADA funding. Download our white paper to learn more.

Learn How To End Lunch Shaming

Lunch shaming is a problem in many schools. With the anonymity of ScholarChip’s smart ID cards, students don’t have to worry about being singled out for . buying reduced or free lunch. Download our white paper to learn more.

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Learn How Passive RFID Can Help Texas Schools

RFID cards come in two forms: passive and active. Active cards infringe on student privacy; passive does not. Download our article to learn more.

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Our modular approach lets you implement what you need today with an eye on what you’ll need in the future. Contact us today to learn how we can help you meet and exceed your dual factor attendance goals.

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Take a look at how the ScholarChip One Card works: