Ohio HB410

Attendance = Success


It’s important for every student to attend school every day. Missing too much school means lower achievement and lower graduation rates.


With the Ohio HB410 mandate, it’s now your job to improve student attendance. It’s easier when you capture and analyze student data electronically.


Take this opportunity to

Meet + Exceed

your attendance goals.


The best approach?
ScholarChip’s Automated Attendance.

Master The Mandate with ScholarChip

ScholarChip’s smart ID-card based automated attendance system makes it easy:

  • Show success in real time using powerful, data-driven reports.

  • Remove human error and get the most precise attendance counts.

  • Maximize funding with up-to-the-minute logs.

  • Track student absent/truant/exceptions accurately with no rounding up.

Automated Attendance
ScholarChip's automated, SIS-integrated, smart ID card based system makes minute-by-minute attendance straightforward and accurate, every time. So you can meet and exceed your HB410 goals.
Intervention Plan
Absence Intervention Team members, administrators, school psychologists and/or parents are alerted when a student reaches a particular threshold. ScholarChip helps you catch at-risk students and intervene more effectively.
Track Exceptions
ScholarChip counts minutes accurately, with a quick and simple tap of a smart ID card. Capture tardies, early dismissal, time in the nurse's office or in the hallway, quickly and effectively.

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Our modular approach lets you implement what you need today with an eye on what you’ll need in the future.


Contact us today to learn how we can help you meet and exceed your HB410 goals.

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Take a look at how the ScholarChip One Card works: