School Automation

SCHOOL AUTOMATION means streamlined, efficient operations

When you upgrade to automation, you free up your time, your teacher’s time and your staff’s time while making your schools safer.

  • Know who is in your school, at any time.
  • Remove human error for more accurate attendance.
  • SIS integration means easy data management.
  • Analyze real-time reports to make decisions based on objective, quantifiable data that can be tracked for success over time.
  • Use electronic late notices, hall passes and referrals for lower hard costs in paper and storage fees.
  • Lock secure doors down with one click.​

Learn how ScholarChip can help your school become more efficient, safer and more secure.



Management Site

Administrators review attendance data via our secure website. Attendance and safety issues can be quickly identified and acted upon.




Cafeteria POS

The Cafeteria POS terminal is a sleek touchscreen device that reads the ScholarChip One Card, creates cafeteria transactions, then automatically transmits them to the data center for streamlined inventory management and account control.



Single Sign-on

ScholarChip’s single sign-on offers stricter security and saves time with quicker access to our K-12 services that include identity management, attendance tracking, visitor management, behavior management, cafeteria POS, physical access, mobile apps, and notification services.



Data Center

Cloud computing is safer, more efficient, and more cost effective. You don’t need on-site data​ hardware and software maintenance, so your IT team can focus on achieving more important business goals.