Tackle your school safety concerns with technology in this quick action guide!

Learn how to:
  • Utilize the latest technology
  • Get the latest safety tips
  • Increase your district’s climate
  • Prevent violence ahead of time
  • Improve student and staff communication
  • Be a support to your district

School superintendents today face extraordinary pressures from communities and elected officials to keep schools safe. With each tragic school incident that takes lives, the spotlight shines brighter on school offices to implement new tools designed to provide a safe learning environment.

Of course, in most cases, those expectations come in the midst of tightening local and state budgets for higher education. For many superintendents, especially those without a background in technology, knowing how to begin with the assessment, costs, and selection of safety solutions can be even more daunting.

While they are trying to make schools safer, they need to be mindful of the culture they are putting in place. Studies have shown that students that perceive a positive and safe school culture perform better. But metal detectors and heavy police may have the opposite effect, creating fear and anxiety, especially for students of color.

The complexities of school safety are challenging. However, new technologies have emerged in recent years that help superintendents create the right school culture, provide a safer school environment for learning and produce the data to back up the impact of these investments.

What follows is a look at the state of school safety today, the growth of security solutions in schools and a look at some of the most common technologies.