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ScholarChip Sponsorship of the GG4L and McREL “Safer Schools in America” $25M Impact Grant

Global Grid for Learning (GG4L) and McREL International are announcing their open application period for the Safer Schools in America Impact Grant with a value of over $25 Million over three years. ScholarChip, along with EdTech organizations across the country, is supporting the grant with their sponsorship.

GG4L Member US districts may nominate up to three schools each to qualify for grants that fund several pre-integrated innovative solutions from over 25 global EdTech providers to be deployed and measured at no cost to the schools for a minimum of three years each. Any US school or school district could be a GG4L member at no cost and apply for the Grant Application. 100 US schools will be selected for the initial phase of the grant by January 30, 2019, with 400 additional schools to be selected in later phases in 2019.

The Safer Schools in America Impact Initiative, led by GG4L and McREL is an initiative developed by a national panel of experts to facilitate a positive school climate and incorporate conditions related to engagement, environment, and safety, with considerations for emotional and physical safety, anti-bullying, anti-substance abuse, emergency readiness, school building design, human variables as well as threats resulting from technology vulnerabilities.

To read the full press release, click here.

Easton School District Joins ScholarChip’s Growing Client Roster

ScholarChip announces that Argo Community High School is implementing ScholarChip’s ID Manager; the school will print customized smart ID cards to enhance school safety measures for the 2018-2019 school year.

ScholarChip and SchoolPay Announce Seamless K12 POS Payment Integration

ScholarChip’s Point-of-Sale platform will now seamlessly integrate with SchoolPay, the most advanced enterprise payment solution in the K12 market. Administrators can load/re-load pre-paid cafeteria balances, update account transactions to SchoolPay’s Payment Portal, and set alerts for low balances and other issues. The companies have developed an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that gives users a SSO (Single Sign On) between systems without the need for multiple registrations; the new SSO saves time with quicker access to ScholarChip’s and SchoolPay’s POS services. In addition to integrating their systems and enhancing the user experience through new features, the companies will co-market their complementary solutions to the K12 market.

Six New York Schools Sign Up for Visitor Management!

We’re proud to announce that six new districts are taking security seriously with their new ScholarChip Visitor Management systems. They’re located in our own backyard, on Long Island, New York. Please join us in welcoming these schools to the ScholarChip family:

  • Center Moriches
  • Girls Prep Charter
  • Kings Park
  • Port Jefferson
  • Plainview-Old Bethpage
  • Riverhead
Welcome Craig Lockwood

Please join us in congratulating Craig Lockwood as ScholarChip’s new President and CFO. It’s a newly-created leadership position, and he’ll be responsible for refining our corporate strategy; optimizing sales and marketing; and leading our client service and finance departments.

Maged Atiya, our Founder and CTO, says, “Craig has a fresh perspective and brings an important skill set to ScholarChip. Craig will take the reins of day-to-day management and position ScholarChip for our next stage of rapid growth. Now, I can focus on using technological innovation to solve problems, which is my passion. Together, we’ll help students engage in their education and inspire educators to streamline operations, safety and accountability.”

Most recently, Craig was President of Tuition Management Systems (TMS); while there, he was responsible for overall corporate direction that included planning, budgeting, performance analytics, incentive compensation, decision support and internal controls. During his tenure, he also served as Senior Vice President, product management and Chief Financial Officer. Previously, Craig was a management consultant, focusing on in the investment management industry.

“I’ve always been impressed with ScholarChip’s technology, mission and culture, and I’m excited to work with the team to increase its reach and scope.”
– Craig Lockwood

Lockwood holds a MSF, Finance from Suffolk University – Sawyer Business School and a BS, Applied Economics from Cornell University.

ScholarChip Streamlines Student ID with Affordable Web-based Application

ScholarChip has announced its new browser-based student ID manager system. K12 schools can save money by using their own hardware to connect to the most advanced ID card system available on the market today. Existing photos can also be uploaded in bulk. The new web-based app is perfect for smaller school districts or ancillary locations. Users can simply plug their peripherals into the back of a computer and will then be able to access our advanced school operations and safety tools quickly and easily. The new web-based ID Manager System is integrated with popular Student Information Systems (SIS), like PowerSchool and others. When combined with a card reader, school districts can enjoy automated attendance-based operations and security services that include student and staff attendance (large group, building, bus, hallway), visitor management, behavior management, cafeteria POS, and secure door access.

Product Upgrade: Secure Door Access now PoE (Power over Ethernet) One cable powers and connects for low cost installation

ScholarChip’s new Door Lock System and Card Readers are now powered by one cable that provides both power and an online connection to easily manage all your school doors. We’re using the latest technology called PoE (Power over Ethernet) to reduce installation, retrofitting, and new construction costs.

Maryland Office Opens to Service BCPS, Fairfax County VA and Other Mid Atlantic Area Clients

The 7,560 square foot office is located at 9 Easter Court, Owings Mills, Maryland. The office space comes as ScholarChip contracts with schools in the region. The Maryland office will support our New York, Philadelphia and regional channel sales partners. Read the Press Release

ScholarChip Expanding Into New Territory

Brockton (Mass.) Public Schools, has purchased ScholarChip’s ID Manager, Building Attendance, Large Group Attendance, and Mobile Hallway Monitoring services. Brockton Public Schools is the fourth-largest school district in Massachusetts, serving 16,595 students in 23 schools.

Lorain City School District is a public school district serving the city of Lorain, Ohio, which is located 25 miles west of Cleveland. The district is the tenth largest urban school district in the State of Ohio. Purchased ScholarChip services for ID Manger (photo, print and issuing of student smart ID cards), Visitor Management, Building Attendance, Hallway Monitoring, Mobile Attendance, eClass Classroom Attendance, and Cafeteria POS.

Baltimore County Public Schools in Maryland, the 23rd largest school district in the nation, has partnered with ScholarChip to issue contactless staff & student ID cards to “tap” into buildings, classrooms and buses.

New Mexico’s Farmington Municipal School District selects ScholarChip to remotely install its Visitor Management service in twenty-six locations. The selection was based on ScholarChip’s technology. One specific reason for the selection was ScholarChip’s ability to provide a real-time export of visitor data via its API to the District’s Emergency Management system.

Florida’s Hamilton County School District will use our One Card system to take student attendance on its buses, at building entrances and in its classrooms. In addition to using our attendance services, the District has signed on to operate our cafeteria Point-of-Sale and security door access services, thereby centralizing a large chuck of its safety and operational information.

Local to ScholarChip’s New York offices, both Glen Cove City Schools and South Country Central School District have installed our One Card system to automate student building attendance and to monitor their campus with our mobile Apps. In addition, South Country will install our Visitor Management service in all of its buildings.

Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia installs district wide Visitor Management System from ScholarChip.

Princeton City Schools in Cincinnati Ohio is now using ScholarChip for Student ID, Attendance, Visitor Management, and Cafeteria POS.

RichlandOne County School District is now using our Student ID and Hallway Monitoring Mobile App. RichlandOne is one of the largest School Districts in South Carolina.

On the Higher Education side we are providing Student ID services for Kingsborough Community College, a community college of The City University of New York, located in Brooklyn. KBCC has over 17,000 students.

Baruch College, City University of New York, is now using ScholarChip NFC tags on existing student ID cards.

ScholarChip Acquires ABE Systems

ScholarChip ABE is a leading provider of web-based student behavior management and intervention software. Software platforms include: Paperless Referrals and Improving Student Behavior. For additional information: Press Release.

ScholarChip Mobile Platform

ScholarChip’s mobile platform now includes Apps for (NFC) smart phones. School administrators with smart phones may download ScholarChip Apps for Bus Attendance, Attendance Kiosk App, Ad-hoc Attendance, and Hallway Monitoring. No need to purchase expensive hardware to operate your school, simply use your smart phone. Additionally, the ScholarChip platform allows staff and students to interchangeably use their ScholarChip smart card or their NFC smart phone as an identity token. Apps can be downloaded from Google Play.

First-Class Data Security

Financial reporting and customer data controls are now SSAE 16 audited. End to End Data Security is continually monitored and audited. Rest assured, you are protected. For more information visit our Secure Data page.

Higher Education News

TMS and ScholarChip are working together with your campus to provide a data-driven, unobtrusive, integrated technology solution to help schools achieve your campus safety goals, increase retention, automate processes and reduce costs.

The 25 technical colleges comprising the Technical Colleges System of Georgia (TCSG) awarded ScholarChip their contract for the 1098T online viewing and ground mail processing.

We’ve expanded our Payment Gateway Solution to include a storefront application, providing college and university departments with a fully integrated, robust storefront that allows even the smallest departments to have their own online E-commerce store. Efficient and cost effective, with features that suit the needs of small and large departments alike.

Smart ID based college classroom attendance is becoming a big topic for our users. Our wall mounted hardware registers student classroom attendance, integrates seamlessly with our multi-channel notification service and is seen as an effective tool in building student retention strategies.

For inquiries, please call: 516-827-5081 ext. 212

K-12 News

ScholarChip is a Pearson Independent Software Vendor. ScholarChip has strategically partnered with Pearson to provide closer integration with Power School and all Pearson Student Information System (SIS) products. ScholarChip’s School Safety and Operations System (SSOS) brings functionality to a market that logically extends the student information system.

ScholarChip releases ASTAR (Automated Student Time and Attendance Recording). This newest version of card-based classroom attendance helps districts comply with new mandates as they relate to APPR. Students tap into and out of classrooms, providing accurate minute-by minute attendance that may be used to fulfill Teacher Student Data Linkage requirements.

Upgraded and Advanced Systems for K-12

K-12 Payment Gateway: K-12 schools will now have the tools to set up and maintain their own web storefronts to collect all funds and fees, from the price of the yearbook, and foodservice accounts or a fee to booster athletic fundraising. And there are no start up fees associated with the gateway.

Notification: Parent/guardian, community and emergency notification services. By virtue of our centralized data center, notification is fully integrated into our real time attendance collection and cafeteria Point-of-Sale services. And because of our Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model, our users realize 4-7 times savings over other stand alone 3rd party vendors.

Staff Attendance: District-wide real time entry and exit data. In an emergency every school districts needs to know who is in a building and who’s away. Automated sign-in improves security and efficiency while reducing payroll errors and costs. Staff taps into the building and taps out and the available hardware are wall mounted or mobile. The service can automatically differentiate between an hourly and a contractual staff member.

For inquiries, please call: 212-255-8005 ext. 212