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"Recently we implemented Scholarchip to replace employee and student ID badges at Richland School District One. The implementation went rather quickly and any bumps in the road were promptly handled and smoothed over by the Scholarchip personnel. The feedback I have received from our staff is that the system is very user friendly and the help desk is wonderful and have always been very accommodating. Additionally, our staff and students are pleased with the professional look of the badges. We were impressed with the company and the multiple uses they provided with a single badge and look forward to utilizing it to improve business efficiencies in the district."
- Richland School District One, Columbia, SC.

"Attendance for our high school students has gone up more than four percentage points over the past three
years and ScholarChip’s system is one of the reasons for this increase…The technology is unbelievable.
We implemented in 59 schools in six weeks, that’s unprecedented.”

- School District of Philadelphia

“…ScholarChip has made a tremendous impact on the daily operations of our buildings…
(it) is the glue that holds the District together. One card provides ID, security, lunch and library access and school attendance.”

- Westbury Public Schools

“Class cuts have gone down 80%.”
“Its a whole new world in the cafeteria since we've started using the kiosks to monitor cafeteria entrance.”
”The best part of the implementation was that we didn't have to do anything.”

- Phil Voight, Director of IT, Central Islip NY.

“ScholarChip was with us every step of the way, providing great implementation and customer service.”
- Enrico Crocetti, Assistant Superintendent, Central Islip NY.

"The number of class cuts have been reduced tremendously!”
- Gary Lamm, District Technology Administrator, Bay Shore NY.