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Cut Costs of Paper Check Processing with ScholarRefund
ScholarRefund™ reduces the time and expense associated with paper check production and distribution including: staffing, messaging, postage and costs related to check replacement. ScholarRefund directly deposits refunds to student verified bank accounts and guides students through the easy-to-use account verification process. ScholarRefund’s easy registration process gives students fast access to funds with no more check pick-ups. Our Single Sign-On feature connects all ScholarChip applications for increased security.
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ScholarRefund also provides the added benefits & advantages of:

  •  A centralized management reporting system for accurate & current account reconciliation and easy tracking of disbursements & returns

  • Swift & uncomplicated system set-up with secure web services or flat file exchange

  • Simple online student enrollment for refunds which can be easily integrated with school website. Utilizes the ACH system for refunds

  • Competitively low transaction fees

  • Single Sign-On feature connects to an interface for all ScholarChip applications. Password and/or a ScholarChip smart ID access means increased security

  • Eliminating the time and frustration of “in-person” check disbursements

  • Providing compliant, online transaction histories/disbursement tracking

  • Promoting green “paperless” processing

  • Site support with direct access to ScholarChip for responsive client service
    ScholarRefund is an integral component of ScholarChip’s suite of financial service solutions for Higher Education.
  • Students quickly and easily pre-enroll and validate their bank account. The school sends the disbursements electronically. The ScholarChip proven “PennyNOC™” validation eliminates wrong accounts and lost funds.

  • Once the student registers the account, ScholarRefund™ provides e-notifications when refunds are deposited. Students are provided with online access to the ScholarRefund™ portal to track their refunds.

  • ScholarRefund™ easily integrates with your existing accounting/IT infrastructure, providing your school with a centralized, web-based system. There is no need for local servers or local resources to continually monitor systems. ScholarChip supports and monitors all systems remotely and proactively, 24/7.

  • The ScholarChip extensive Web Services API provides ready integration with all e-Campus portals.

  • With ScholarRefund™, you will realize immediate savings to your bottom line,  saving on mailing costs and soft resource dollars associated with maintaining a paper-check refund system.
ScholarChip provides Help Desk support
Staffed by qualified support technicians with a minimum of 3 years experience in technology support, between the hours of 7 AM to 4 PM Local Time. They may be reached by dialing 877-722-2447 (877-SCC-CHIP) or by sending e-mails with specific requests to
Remote Monitoring
Pro-active outgoing calls are initiated by the ScholarChip Help Desk staff to schools and users as a result of our extensive automated system diagnostics.
Comprehensive Support
The Management Site supports the tracking of technical issue resolution. ScholarChip provides on-site one to four hour response time for hardware service calls.

Product Warranty
All ScholarChip hardware is fully warranted (except for theft and vandalism) under the ScholarChip Maintenance Program meaning that there will always be just one known and calculable cost for budgeting.