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ScholarChip K-12 Solutions
ScholarChipAutomate your campus with our one-card solution and create a true contactless campus. ScholarChip is one of the largest issuers of contactless smart cards, with over 750,000 cards issued. Employ our one-card strategy and move towards an advanced, centralized and integrated information model. Follow our centralized one-card blueprint and begin to build a 21st century campus.


ScholarChip One Contactless Campus Card Solutions
Automate your campus with
contactless smart card technology –
access our centralized attendance, security and school operations services.
ScholarChip Campus Safety Solutions
A simple tap of the card provides campuses with multi-point location and ID management; maximizes instruction time and identifies students for non-attendance. Dynamic reporting can be used to create retention strategies for funding.
ScholarChip Student Transactions Solutions
A platform that identifies and locates students, secures entry to buses and buildings, monitors hallways and campus grounds and helps improve student behaviors while increasing the effectiveness of emergency management.
ScholarChip One Contactless Campus Card Solutions
ScholarChip provides a comprehensive suite of applications to simplify, speed and reduce the costs of student financial transactions. Includes Payment Gateway, Student Refund, Point-of-Sale, Tuition Management Plans, and Student Loan Servicing.