ScholarChip - Solutions - Real-Time Secure Uniform Attendance
Scholar Chip - Card Based Classroom Attendance, pdf download buttonScholarChip K-12 Solutions
ScholarChip’s dynamic reporting can identify “at risk” attendance issues and help to identify attendance trends in creating retention strategies.

ScholarChip® card-based classroom attendance simplifies and speeds the taking of classroom attendance down to the tap of a card. Card-based attendance requires little or no instructor intervention, resulting in more time on task. Depending on class size, card readers may be wall-mounted or connected to the classroom PC. Card-based attendance reduces the inconsistencies seen when instructors take classroom attendance, providing administrators with more reliable and uniform attendance reporting.

Colleges and Universities
In college and university settings automated classroom attendance may be used to capture a student’s fulfillment of class time requirements.

In a K-12 environment the application identifies each student as On-Time Present, Late Present, or if no card taps are detected, as Absent. These three time deltas define ‘Present’ and ‘Late’ within the length of the period. K-12 classroom attendance data is automatically reconciled with building attendance data. Class cuts are reported as they happen. Students that tap into class without having first been recognized at a building entry kiosk are reported.

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Support
Capable of processing up to 25 entries per minute. Typical classroom attendance will be automatically taken in under 2 minutes.

A small device with a clear display and color-encoded LED indicator lights. Cards are detected at a 4 inch distance.
Wall Mounted Attendance Board or a small USB device.
Audio & Visual feedback as to card read, class & attendance status.
Displays student photos.
Automatic reconciliation with Building Attendance.

Small footprint for Classroom Computer
Does not use significant amounts of processor cycles. Total disk usage is under 40 MB.

Hardened plastic casing and standard USB interface.

A “One Card” campus fully  integrated with the ScholarChip 3-Tier architecture.
Data export available using the ScholarChip API.
District-wide, secure, real-time.
USB 2 reader with  tough plastic casing and standard USB cable.

8 oz.

None required.

Utilizes classroom computer network.

Fully warranted (except for theft and vandalism) under the ScholarChip Maintenance Plan.

On-site 1 to 4 hour response time.
ScholarChip provides Help Desk support
Staffed by qualified support technicians with a minimum of 3 years experience in technology support, between the hours of 7 AM to 4 PM Local Time. They may be reached by dialing 877-722-2447 (877-SCC-CHIP) or by sending e-mails with specific requests to

Remote Monitoring
Pro-active outgoing calls are initiated by the ScholarChip Help Desk staff to schools and users as a result of our extensive automated system diagnostics.

Comprehensive Support
The Management Site supports the tracking of technical issue resolution. ScholarChip provides on-site one to four hour response time for hardware service calls.

Product Warranty
All ScholarChip hardware is fully warranted (except for theft and vandalism) under the ScholarChip Maintenance Program meaning that there will always be just one known and calculable cost for budgeting.